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V&L is a wholly Canadian owned and operated one-stop, all-inclusive source for ALL publications and reference materials.

We specialize in providing a quick, convenient and reliable service from which to order all books and resource materials from all publishers worldwide. Our service and discounts offer you the convenience of being able to order all titles from one place, while also providing you with an unsurpassed level of convenience and cost-effectiveness in your acquisitions.

To this end, we also provide various customized information reports - pre or post sales, organized by individual, department, fund code, month, year, etc. for management information/forecasting/budget-allocation purposes.  Being a single source for all publications, these reports are comprehensive and therefore more relevant and useful for management/purchase analysis purposes.

V&L’s book acquisition service provides one convenient source from which to obtain all titles and as such greatly simplifies your acquisitions. V&L takes the time and hassle out of sourcing various titles and publishers and eliminates the need to check and research publisher/supplier/title/ISBN listings, research distribution rights or call various vendors for the items you want. V&L supplies all in-print titles from all publishers and suppliers worldwide. Ordering from V&L simplifies and streamlines your acquisitions by providing a one-stop source from which to order, follow-up, and inquire for all your required materials, however specialized. If it’s in print we supply it, period.

Ordering from V&L will substantially reduce the time and trouble required to obtain the titles you need.

V&L offers clients a highly cost-effective channel by which to reduce the cost of their materials acquisitions.

We do not charge any service fees or apply any hidden costs as we rely solely on the publisher to provide us reseller discounts. These discounts are shared with our customers. Ordering from V&L does not cost you any more, and often less, than ordering from the publisher directly and eliminates the expense of sourcing and administering to various publishers. We also honour all publishers’ pre-publication discount offers as well as having our own. You can even custom design our service to suit your particular needs – at no cost.

We rely simply on the quality of our service to merit your business. As a result, we require no minimum orders or contracts (unless preferred by the client). Small requirements? No problem, you can order as little or as much as you like, whenever you like.

There are no complicated set-up procedures; you can simply place an order by any method: phone, fax, e-mail, or post. You can be invoiced on a purchase order number or provide a credit/corporate card number.

V&L has been providing an unsurpassed level of highly acclaimed, quality service to its clients for over 35 years. As a result, V&L has garnered a long list of established clients who swear by our service and has earned a reputation amongst the buying community as one of the best acquisition services in the business.

  • Libraries and Librarians (Special, Public, School, University and Corporate)
  • Government Ministries, Agencies, Boards and Commissions
  • Corporate Departments, Divisions and Purchasing Departments
  • University Bookstores, Departments and Professors
  • Retail Bookstores
  • Schools, School Boards, and Teachers
  • Institutions, Associations, and Organizations in all fields of specialty including: Academic, Research, Scientific, Technical, and Educational among others
  • Administrators, Professionals, Trainers, and Individuals


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