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Now U. S. and International customers can also benefit from V&L's highly touted service while taking advantage of Canadian-dollar exchange rates. As all items from V&L are based on Canadian Dollar prices, U.S. customers can receive titles at better prices by ordering from V&L. U.S. customers are billed in U.S. Dollars exchanged directly from the Canadian-Dollar price (or, clients may request billing in Canadian Dollars if preferred). All other customers are billed in Canadian Dollars. This greatly reduces the cost of titles for U.S. and International customers who normally order from the U.S.

Shipping costs for U.S. and International customers are determined according to destination and weight of shipment. Customers may obtain a quote on shipping charges at the time of their order.

Turnaround times listed on the “Turnaround” page are for Canadian destinations only. Turnaround times for U.S. and International destinations may vary depending upon location and chosen delivery method.

All other aspects of V&L's products and services remain the same for U.S. and International customers.

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