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Custom Billing & Reporting


Institutions are invoiced on purchase orders on net 30-day terms, or can provide a MasterCard/VISA credit card number or may prepay by cheque.

Individuals are required to provide a MasterCard/VISA credit card number or prepay by cheque.

Unless informed otherwise, V&L’s standard procedure is to enter shipping and billing addresses as the same. Upon request, billing may be sent to another address/department. The process is entirely customizable to clients’ needs to best help them administrate their orders.

Credit/Corporate Purchasing Cards

Credit cards are not debited until the order is being shipped from V&L, so funds are not claimed for outstanding items. The original credit card receipt is included in the box with the order; no credit card details or numbers are printed on any invoices or shown on any boxes. Upon request, receipts can be mailed under separate cover.


To help keep the process of administration simple and straightforward, V&L’s customers have expressed a preference for as little paperwork as possible. As a result, V&L’s only standard report is the invoice, which is included in the box with the order. Invoices are clear, readable and contain all the vital information related to the order.

Custom Reports

Although the standard reporting is kept to a minimum, V&L is able to provide, upon request at no charge, a full range of customized reports specific to individual requirements at any time. Aside from standard order-status reports, our database allows us to extract any information pertaining to an order or account, in any format, and sorted by any field. We are also able to generate these at any required frequency – daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Reports can consist of all outstanding orders or invoices at any given time or only of certain items defined by their date, location, fund code, credit card number, client name, department, etc. Account reports can be produced to show balances, total purchases within a given time or any other criteria.