About Us

Acclaimed Customer Service

Our acclaimed customer service is backed by over 35 years experience in Library and Corporate acquisitions and has distinguished V&L with a well-earned reputation as one of the best aquisition services in the business. We have been the traditional supplier of choice for our many long-standing clients and have, over the years, become the service upon which they have relied for quality and dependability.

V&L’s hallmark Customer Service has become synonymous with superior service commitment. We at V&L pride ourselves in continually providing our clients with the highest level of service and customer satisfaction – often exceeding client expectations and providing an unrivalled degree of flexibility.

Looking After Your Requirements

V&L has long been acclaimed for its outstanding customer service designed with the customer in mind. Our personal and completely customizable service treats our clients’ acquisition requirements and deadlines as our own.

Besides being infinitely more cost-effective, efficient and convenient, ordering from V&L also allows you greater accountability and control of your orders as our only priority is to look after your acquisition requirements. Publishers cannot offer a personalized ordering service as they are primarily in the business of publishing, not making sure you meet your deadlines and that your particular procurement needs are being looked after.

While publishers are mainly in the business of publishing and distributing their titles, our only priority is in delivering the materials you need, when you need them at the best possible prices and discounts.

Quick, Convenient And Flexible

Being more flexible than most other suppliers V&L is able to tailor its service to meet a client’s particular procurement needs with ease. If a client has any special requests or requirements, outside of our standard service, they only need to ask – V&L’s Customer Service is designed to look after any acquisitions requirements.

No Voice Mail

At V&L we do not use automated voice-answering systems to route and queue calls. When calling in, clients are always helped immediately by an experienced service representative – we feel this results in a more personal, responsive and convenient acquisitions process for you the customer.

As we realize that time is often of the essence V&L policy dictates that all client orders, inquiries and requests are actioned within the same business-day and responded to by Customer Service within the same or next business day. If a request requires more time for a response the client will be notified, within the same or next business day, of the delay and when an expected answer will be forthcoming.

Worldwide Sourcing

If an item is not readily available, V&L’s customer service department will research and exhaust all possible sources for a title.

Over the past 35 years V&L has dealt with over 5,000 publishers from around the world on six continents. V&L’s Customer Service department is experienced and adept in contacting global sources for publications and ensuring their quickest possible delivery. While we deal daily with the U.S., U.K, Europe and Australia, we also deal with Japan, Mexico, India, China, Philippines, Brazil, and countries throughout the Middle East including Israel, to mention just a few.

If an order is required from any country with which we have not dealt, V&L’s experience and expertise in global publications sourcing allows us to make contact in the most effective manner to obtain orders with as little added lead-time as possible.

Following Up

V&L automatically follows-up on all outstanding orders bi-monthly to ensure that orders from V&L are being processed on a timely and prioritized basis with the publisher. Additionally, clients can request an immediate status check on any or all open orders at any time. V&L customer service handles all such requests on a priority basis and responds within the same or next business day.

Little Things

We take pride in also doing the “little” things that make the process of acquisition easier:

Packing and shipping with you in mind (e.g. smaller boxes for easier desktop handling; static free packaging; damage and title/edition checking before shipments, etc.)

  • Clear and readable invoices
  • Customized invoicing (year-end pre-invoicing, separate order or batch invoicing, etc.)
  • Going all-out to meet your deadlines and rush requests
  • Checking non-publisher sources for urgently required items
  • Accommodating special requests

All are part of our way of making you feel more comfortable and at ease with your acquisitions.