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Pricing With Integrity

Ordering from V&L costs clients the same as, and often less than, ordering from the publisher directly.

V&L charges no service fees, applies no hidden costs, nor requires any minimum orders – we rely solely on the publishers’ discounts to us. As dictated by V&L’s “Pricing With Integrity” policy we are required to always obtain the highest possible discount for all orders and always pass on the maximum possible discount to customers.


Discounts range from 0 – 30% depending on title and publisher. Additional volume discounts are available on orders of 10 copies or more, for most titles, and are handled on an individual basis. V&L also honours all publishers’ special pre-publication discounts/pricing as well as offering our own. Please contact V&L Customer Service for further information on the discounts applicable to your specific titles. You may call, fax or e-mail your request; or simply fill out the “Contact Us” Form.

Clients are charged the publisher’s Canadian Landed List price (the same total cost clients would incur by ordering directly from the publisher) less applicable discounts. Discounts are not available only on “net-priced” titles for which V&L is not provided with a reseller’s discount from the publisher. Such titles most often originate from non-commercial publishers such as societies, associations, and other non-profit organizations. Upon request, V&L can notify the client of any such instances where discounts may not be applicable, thereby allowing the client to order directly from the publisher if preferred.

As prices from V&L are directly based upon the publishers’ Canadian list price, V&L’s prices are subject to changes to the publisher’s price. All foreign priced items are subject to current exchange rates.