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While clients may receive brochures, pamphlets, approval notices, advance/forthcoming flyers and other title information from publishers and suppliers, you can simply order some or all of these from V&L without having to call and administrate to various different sources.

As we cater to serving the acquisitions needs of Professional and Corporate Institutions, we are better equipped to provide quicker and more reliable delivery of the professional, technical and/or highly specialized titles often required – those that bookstores and other suppliers often do not carry or require extended periods of time to deliver.

V&L is an all-inclusive one-stop source for ALL publications and electronic reference materials, from ALL publishers and suppliers worldwide, including:

  • Books / Publications / Monographs
  • Standards and Technical Documents
  • CD ROM’s and DVD’s
  • Conference Proceedings and Special Reports
  • Documents and Theses
  • Subscriptions (including online), Annuals, Serials, and Continuations
  • Learning / Training Resources and Materials

V&L supplies all subject areas, regardless of how specialized, including:

  • Professional and Reference
  • Scientific and Technical
  • Academic and Text Book
  • Computer (incl.: manuals, step-by-step guides, etc.)
  • Business and Management
  • Education / Special Education / Medical
  • Dictionaries & Thesauruses
  • Trade and General Interest
  • Training and Manuals
  • Government Publications
  • Materials from Societies, Associations, Universities and Non-Profit Organizations

Your Name It…

If you need it, we can get it, period There are no restrictions excepting that items must be currently in-print (we do not provide out-of-print titles) and must be available from a contactable source (i.e. publisher must be currently active / in business).

While such a complete range of materials is difficult for most other jobbers to supply reliably (indeed, some even find it difficult to imagine such an all-inclusive product line) V&L is much lighter on its feet than most other jobbers and is able to deal with orders individually and proactively.


Our service is sensitive and tailored to your particular requirements and is completely customizable by you. If you have any special needs – be they order processing, shipping, billing or reporting – just ask. We pride ourselves in treating our clients’ acquisition requirements, and deadlines as our own. Our principal concern is in delivering the materials you need, when you need them at the best possible prices and discounts.

V&L charges no service fees, and requires no minimum orders or contracts (unless preferred by the client) – we depend on our superior service to merit your business.

V&L has always been at the forefront of serving the procurement needs of buyers by constantly remaining sensitive to their requirements. In talking to librarians and buyers across Canada, we have fine-tuned our acquisitions service to meet their expressed requirements.

Our Mandate

Our service mandate is to increase the speed, efficiency and ease of materials acquisition by providing a single source from which to acquire all publications and electronic reference materials. Our service reduces overall costs and streamlines the buying process from ordering through to accounting. Coupled with the institutional discounts offered to Libraries, Government, and Corporate organizations, V&L’s service provides a proven and effective channel for true time and cost savings.

In our experience the best service is one that is straightforward, accessible and easy to use – one that does not require a “user’s manual” to operate. Our goal has always been to simplify the acquisitions process for you, the client, regardless of how complex requirements may be.

Our Standard Service Includes:

  • Bi-monthly follow-ups on outstanding orders
  • Direct ordering by departments and individuals
  • Backorder maintenance
  • Customized reporting upon request
  • Standing order maintenance
  • Rush ordering
  • Payments by VISA/MasterCard accepted
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Title sourcing/researching
  • Pre-Invoicing upon request

Tailored to Your Needs

For any needs different than our standard arrangements, we are able to tailor our service to our clients needs, regardless of how specialized, to provide a full-service acquisitions channel customized to their requirements. Our years of experience in dealing with a large range of purchasing needs – from standard centralized buying to individual desktop ordering – allows us to easily accommodate any acquisitions requirements.

We can also provide any advice or ideas on how best to approach and administer new acquisitions structures as we have the experience of helping many clients through similar transitions in their buying structures.