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Returns & Credits


All returns require prior authorization by V&L to be accepted for credit. Clients are issued a Return Authorization (RA) number by Customer Service, which is required to be clearly marked on the outside of the box. Unauthorized returns are refused delivery (returned-to-sender) and are not handled by V&L personnel at any time. V&L accepts no responsibility, nor issues any credit for unauthorized returns.

Claims For Damage/Inaccuracy

Any items received damaged or in error from V&L are returnable for full credit. Any claims for damage or inaccuracy (including short-shipment) must be made within 5 days of receipt.

Non-Returnable Items

Except for items received damaged or inaccurately, items prepaid for by V&L on the client’s behalf or from publishers who do not accept returns are non-returnable. Non-returnable items are so marked on the invoice with three asterisks (***) beside their net price. Clients may verify at the time of their order whether any titles are non-returnable.

Return Time

All returnable items are returnable to V&L for a minimum of six months. Additional return time is determined by the publisher’s return policy, but often extends for as long as the edition is current or the title is in print.


There is no credit deduction for any returns due to damage, inaccuracy or error on V&Lís part. Any authorized returns for these reasons are given full credit.

Credits Notes are only issued for paid invoices. For unpaid invoices the outstanding invoice amount is adjusted to reflect the credit.

Credit Notes do not have any cash value (are not redeemable for cash) and can only be applied toward future purchases or current outstanding amounts.

Credit/Corporate Purchasing Cards

All credits for items billed on a credit card are refunded back to the card. The original MasterCard/VISA credit receipt is mailed to the client’s “bill to” address.

Credits are valid for 1 year from date of issue and are non-transferable.

Credits are only applicable toward the client name/account on which the original purchase was made. Credits are not applicable towards purchases made by another client name/account and/or cannot be used in conjunction with credits applied towards other client names/accounts.

Credit Deductions

For returns due to client error or for client-based reasons (i.e. overstock, no longer required, wrong title ordered, etc.), V&L requires a nominal 15% restocking credit-deduction from the net value of the item to cover the costs of processing and returning the item to the publisher. It should be noted that V&L does not garner any additional profit from this deduction as items returned to the publisher are required to be insured against loss or damage, and are covered by carriers according to a percentage of their value.