About Us

Quick Turnaround

As we cater to serving the acquisitions needs of Professional and Corporate Institutions, we are better equipped to provide quicker and more reliable delivery of the professional, technical and/or highly specialized titles often required – those that bookstores and other suppliers often do not carry or require extended periods of time to deliver.

We realize that most clients require their materials as soon as possible. V&L’s fast order processing structure, through same-day ordering, local sourcing, and same-day shipping, notably quickens the turnaround time of your orders.

Same Day Ordering And Shipping

V&L handles all orders on an individual and immediate basis. Unlike most other suppliers, we do not hold orders for processing on a predetermined day of the week or accumulate orders for batch ordering from the publisher. All orders are processed, and placed with the publisher immediately within 24 business hours of receipt.

Local Sourcing

Over 80% of all major publishers represented in Canada are located at our doorstep – in the Greater Toronto Area. Our long-established relationships with these publishers allows us to quickly and easily expedite your orders and to look after any special requests with ease; so that most orders from domestic sources are picked-up within 2 days of your order. V&L always orders materials from Canadian sources whenever possible, to ensure the quickest turnaround achievable. This, combined with our same-day shipments, further speeds delivery of orders.

Average Turnaround

Although turnaround time is dependent upon the publisher’s location and response time, average turnaround times for delivery within Canada are maintained according to the following:

  • Canadian Sources – 3 to 14 days
  • U.S. Sources – 2 to 4 weeks
  • U.K. Sources – 2 to 6 weeks
  • Europe, Asia, and rest of the World – 4 to 8 weeks

U.S. And International Customers

Turnaround for U.S. and International customers may be slightly longer, depending upon location and desired shipping method.

Rush Orders

V&L’s highly touted Rush order service is the fastest and most reliable in the business because we are always able to meet any deadline to which we commit ourselves. All Rush orders are processed immediately and are shipped within the hour of their receipt (or sooner if warranted).

All orders can be expedited for Rush (Air Mail) delivery. Items from most North American publishers can be expedited to 24 hours delivery; most items from Europe and the U.K. can be rushed to 3-day delivery. While there is no fee charged by V&L for rush service, actual courier charges and/or brokerage charges for incoming foreign goods are borne by the customer.

If a Rush-ordered item is not readily available from its normal source (i.e.: out-of-stock with the publisher, etc), V&L will exhaust all other possible sources to locate the item on a priority basis.